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Sammie Largo - Protect Our Sacred Belief

$ 9.99

My name is Sammie Largo and I'm a Diné (Navajo) from Crownpoint NM. My mother's clan is Salt Clan and on my fathers side I represent Bitter Water Clan. My maternal clan is Towering House. My paternal clan is Two Who Came To The Water. Both of my grandparents were traditional healers and my mother , aunt and my father have been prominent in the Native American Church. From these roots I was brought up in the way of the traditional ceremonies and the Native American Church.

I have great appreciation towards my mother, father, brothers and sisters and also to my late brothers that went back to the sprit world: Hardy, Harold and Henry Largo Jr. Their prayers and songs have helped me survive hard times and gave me comfort. I pray and hope that these 24 songs on this album will give you, your family and relatives the same feeling. Sammie Largo

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