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Musicians: ready to record? Stop by our Recording Studio

Cool Runnings Music Recording Studio

microphone1998 was the year we produced our first recording titled "Dineh Prayer Songs" by Blackhorse. Since then, we've produced nearly 200 recordings that range from Pow-Wow songs, to Native American Church songs, to Round Dance songs, to various Tribal and Contemporary music. We've received numerous Native American Music Awards throughout the years and most recently we've been honored with back-to-back GRAMMY nominations ( 2014 and 2015). We use digital hard disk recording equipment and our studio is large enough to accommodate a Pow-Wow group or a regular band. In many instances we are able to do a recording on location ( live events etc. ) If you feel like sharing your talent or are simply interested in recording an album we would like to hear from you.

Among the things we need from you:
  1. Demo recording ( most important)
  2. Complete Biography
  3. Reason why you would like to record with us
  4. References ( you heard about us....through who etc. )
  5. Your Contact information
  6. Copy of your Tribal Affiliation
You may contact us :
by mail: PO BOX 2616 WINDOW ROCK AZ 86515
phone: 505 422 1692 e-mail:
or use our contact form.

Once we have received and reviewed your submission we will contact you to discuss various possibilities of becoming a Recording Artist with COOL RUNNINGS MUSIC.